Why use Property Video Marketing when Selling your Home?

Selling any property can be a long and tedious process at the best of times but property marketing becomes even harder during, or just after, a recession. The question then becomes, what can you do to push through the noise to better attract potential buyers and streamline the sales process.

The answer? Property Video Marketing.

This is not to say that you should throw out all of your traditional marketing mix but instead use video to enhance your professional property photography and integrate your property marketing with the story-telling power of motion picture.

Unlike static images, property video has the potential to, literally, take a potential buyer through the home and show the layout and space. Real Estate Video gives the viewer an opportunity to dream about what they would do with the space. Now you’ve sparked their imagination, the chances are they will book a physical viewing. You are creating an emotional attachment between the viewer and the house and that is the key to a sale.

Essentially you can sell the property before you sell the property. Now you can see why I’m so excited.

What about internet speeds? With the advent of the NBN and ever increasing mobile internet speeds, even the average family computer or smart-phone can stream high quality, high definition property video marketing with the minimum of hassle.

Another advantage of embracing Video Marketing is that it gives your potential buyers access to the home 24/7. You wouldn’t want them knocking on your door in the middle of the night, would you? The ability to view online also minimizes the inconvenience of wasted viewings in person meaning less hassle for the real estate agent.

The benefits of property video marketing for the agents themselves are plenty. Website hits will increase significantly, the quality of your ‘product’ will be enhanced, and, as a result of these things, your ranking in search engines will improve. The longer people stay on your website, the better it will be for your SEO.


Special Thanks to Icon Solutions of Singapore for this Article visit there site at www.iconsolutions.eu

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