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A New section: The Property Guy (TPG) with weekly insights to Property Markets around the world, comes to Elite Property Marking. We would like to welcome Mr Reven to our team.

Mr Reven stands at the forefront of the fastest moving Crowd Funding Platform trend: 
And his advice over the past five years has helped position company`s like Paramount StrategiesRealty International and PAH Holdings as a leaders in the public Property Fund in Asia and the rest of the world.

A calculated risk-taker with deep tech industry knowledge, Mr. Reven has championed Crowd Funding to his enterprise and consumer customers; his channel incentive models have motivated 12,000  partners globally to embrace the Fund. Mr. Reven is recognised for his word is his bond.

Throughout his 13-year tenure with Savills, he has built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and returning high end yields before they are due. He also developed and managed a profitable business model for high-end enterprise services projected to be Icon’s next giant growth opportunity; his pricing models have helped incubate new products into mature revenue-generating funds.

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Mr. Reven consistently ranks among the top 5% of investment know how.

Mr, Reven holds a Finance MBA and bachelor’s degree in Financial Services. He is a former Finance professional with Morgan Stanley and AT & T Communications and has 15+ combined years of experience in the finance and Funding arenas. Mr, Reven is a valued speaker on Crowd Funding platforms.

More from Mr Reven.

PropertyGuru Thailand Awards

Returning for a landmark 12th year on 15 September 2017, the annual PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards is the longest-running event of the regional Asia Property Awards programme established in 2005. With a professionally run awards system supervised by BDO, the world’s fifth largest auditing and accountancy firm, the Thailand Property Awards is the biggest and…Read More→

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Basic Malaysia Property Knowledge

Tenure of property titles Property is non-movable piece of land or/and a building sitting on it. In Malaysia, there are three types of land titles namely, freehold, leasehold and Bumiputra reserve. Freehold property has “interest in perpetuity”; meaning that you can own the property forever. The right of ownership can also be passed to your…Read More→

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Realty Internationals Directory provides access to Real Estate for Asian Investors

If there is one area of crowdfunding where we consistently hear about unfilled, robust demand, it is Asian money looking to invest in high-quality real estate beyond the borders of their native country. While some real estate markets may be getting a bit hot, real estate as an investment class continues to perform well.  Even…Read More→

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Singapore: This is the correct time for the rich to enter the market

Singapore housing prices continue to fall -but (on the other hand) demand is rising strongly. Homebuilder sentiment is also improving, after a partial relaxation of market-cooling measures. The private residential property index fell by 2.77% during the year to Q1 2017, its thirteenth consecutive quarter of y-o-y price falls, according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). When adjusted…Read More→

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Singapore and Hong Kong Top World’s Most Expensive Cities

Zurich is the only non-Asian city to crack the top 5 Tokyo returned to the ranks of the world’s 10 costliest cities in 2017 as Asia’s representation expanded, reflecting the region’s rising clout in the global economy. Japan’s capital, the world’s costliest city until 2012, jumped seven places to No. 4 this year and Osaka…Read More→

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Intellectual property: The next big thing in business

IP isn’t just for geeks and lawyers. Companies may have IP assets that can make a lot of money. Like the data-rich company that was sold for 32 times its operating profit. For many, the phrase “intellectual property” (IP) would probably bring to mind one of those ads we have been subjected to over the…Read More→

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