Property Marketing the right way

Elite Property Marketing  approach to property marketing is not a shopping list of marketing tactics. We have developed a go-to-market system that creates strong demand, a competitive environment and a continuous feedback loop, allowing course corrections throughout the property marketing cycle.

We distinguish our property marketing services from other firms in two ways: we segment your prospects to make the best possible use of marketing resources, and we have a system to drive prospects through a “transaction filter,” taking them from basic awareness of your property through the contract stage.

1. Market segmentation. Most real estate marketing proposals list dozens of tactics—signage, online listings, flyers and tours—but lack strategic segmentation of the potential market to make the best use of available resources.

Our approach is to develop a prospecting hierarchy that defines your best possible tenants or buyers, such as those with the greatest need or those likely to pay the highest price.

  • Primary targeting: We connect with the best prospects through high-touch, personal contact including calls and tours.
  • Secondary targeting: We connect with our database of appropriate targets through direct marketing, such as flyers, mail, email and broker contact.
  • Tertiary targeting: We ensure exposure to every potential target with broadcast tactics, such as advertising, online listings, signs and network exposure.

2. Transaction filtering. It’s not enough for a prospect to simply know about your building’s availability—they need to understand how it can better serve their needs, or else that prospect might dismiss the opportunity before fully appreciating its value to their business.

Our property marketing experts not only generate leads, but also carefully track them as we build the prospect’s knowledge about your property, answer questions and tackle concerns and impediments.

  • Awareness stage: The prospect is aware of the building availability, its location and features.
  • Understanding stage: The prospect sees the value for his or her own business and unique needs.
  • Interaction stage: The prospect tours the building and/or does space planning and a test-fit to determine suitability.
  • Transaction stage: The prospect moves through the negotiation and contract phase.

As a result of this stage tracking, we generate feedback that alerts owners to issues that can be corrected during the property marketing and brokerage process.

For example, when we solicited feedback from prospective tenants and brokers following one property’s tours, we learned that many perceived the building to be too far from the city center’s services. The marketing communications were revised to tackle these concerns by highlighting nearby amenities, access to transit and substantially better parking and freeway access than downtown buildings offered. As a result, leasing was completed at a rate comparable to buildings in the downtown core.

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